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Breakthrough Millionaire Podcast

Sep 20, 2021

In this episode, the M&M team chat with none other than Marlon's nephew, Khiry.

Khiry is a man of many talents who has found confidence in pushing through adversity in his life - speak, author, & real estate investor.

To learn more about Khiry's you can find his Instagram channel or email him at

Sep 13, 2021

In this episode, the M&M team chat with Alexandria Hernandez.

We learn about her story from lost to found, and how God has directed her towards helping others to find financial empowerment.

To schedule a breakthrough consultation with Alexandria, you can goto:

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Sep 6, 2021

In this episode, Marlon and Michael welcome Marian Braxton and her family to discuss their family business.

Running a business is hard, but when you throw family into the mix, it can bring a lot of rewards and some challenges.

We get to hear from 3 generations and how they each play a part in this enterprise. To learn...

Aug 30, 2021

In this episode, Marlon and Michael discuss strategies to help you pivot.

Each day we are faced with a series of decisions and sometimes these decisions can have life-changing results.

So what can you do to make sure you know WHEN to pivot? And what's the best way to do so with confidence?

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Aug 23, 2021

In this episode, the M&M team explores the idea of how your earnings are correlated to your mindset.

What mindset do you need to have in order to be open to opportunities and income at the next level?

It may require you to step into a new level of discomfort, so is the growth worth it?

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